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ECAASU 2010 -- Summary by Jordan White

Ok, I have been waiting awhile to do this because...I don't even know when to begin. The last three or so days have been such a whirlwind of hard work, huge reward and positivity that I feel like the characters from The Hangover but in a good way. So much stuff went on and so many good feelings have overwhelmed me that I had a hard time figuring out how I can sum this up.

So, I figured I would write a few words, then put some pictures under an LJ cut and then embed the two videos of the talk.

Well to start I had the easiest ride, a simple two and a half hours on a train from North New Jersey to Philly. Lori, who I met after sampling the movies on show flew in from British Columbia and Mike & Dariane flew in from California. Mike has never been here before, so it was kind of fun to watch him think that 50 degree weather was freezing and him getting up at 7am EST when to him it felt like 5am EST. Poor Mike.

Anyhow, we all met together on Friday evening. We all checked into the Arch Building on the HUGE Philly campus, everything was conveniently located and all the people were super nice. As a New Jerseite/New Yorker, that was a huge shock. We all got free gifts and great treatment from the staff. We then all went out to eat and stated talking over our game plan. It's then I realized that since my laptop has a camera built in, I can set up a UStream to broadcast our talk LIVE over the internet and record the entire thing that way instead of just using my Camera.

We then set up internet and attended the absolutly amazing Opening Ceramonies. I think it was then that we realised that we were in the right crowed. Half the people there knew who I was and what Racebending did and the people who knew aligned with us imediatly without question. They are very pationate people who want to change the world, the very kind of people we need to combat Paramount.

Quick funny story: We only met one guy (who was Asian) who tried to argue with us that he did not see this was a big deal. He was talking to Dariane at the Secret Identities table (who gave us table space and promoted us during their workshop) when Jerry Ma and the rest of the SI crew overheard and they started to talk to him. Shortly after, the man was surrounded by 30 random people who also overheard the argument and who started to argue with him and he decided to dropped out when he realized he was in the minority of the opinion. I wish I was there to record that but I thought you guys should at least know cool stuff like this!

So we soon found our room and we got set up. We did some test runs of the slides and we had an amazing room. Wrap Around Chalkboard. Huge Projector. Computer. High Speed Wi-Fi Internet. Now, since we often get bombarded by ignorant racists *coughAvatarSpiritcough* we had our expectations low, like we expected like two people to show up. Maybe max ten?

Turn out all those fliers we handed out, buttons we gave away and T-Shirts we sold payed off. Both sessions of our workshop it was PACKED! You can see in the photos, we were in a room designed to hold 30 people but we had at least 35 up to 50 people cramming them self's into that room. People sat on the floor and stood up, sat on desks. They were very responsive, had a ton of questions and were an amazing crowed to deal with. The big shock for me was that the sponsors who represented the US Navy showed up IN UNIFORM because they heard about the issue and are strongly against the movie! @,@;

So enough blabbing about how amazing it was, here are some pictures and then the two videos of the event.

Click Above To See Bigger Panorama!

From Left to Right: Lori, Jordan (Me), Mike and Dariane!

Workshop #1

Workshop #2

P.S. YouTube video with a Greatest Hit's ECAAASU Mash Up will be up sometime this week. Also, look forward to write ups from other members.

Next: WONDERCON 2010! =D
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