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Racebending.com and Racialicious.com co-hosting a panel at Comic Con 2011!

Diversity and Fandom 102: How You Can Make a Difference
Sunday, July 24 · 10:00am - 11:00am
Room 24ABC

In the wake of campaigns like Racebending.com's protests and the rise of safe spaces like Racialicious.com, fans, consumers and creators from underrepresented groups have more outlets for speaking up. This panel explores how those voices can be added to conversations with geeky business interests and fan communities.

Actor Dante Basco (Avatar: The Last Airbender), showrunner/writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach (The Middleman), author Malinda Lo (Huntress), Arturo Garcia (Racialicious.com), Phil Yu (AngryAsianMan.com) and USC Professor Henry Jenkins (CivicPaths Project) promise a lively discussion, moderated by Racebending.com!.

  • Check out the official post at Racebending.com for more details, including bios of all the panelists.

  • We’re currently collecting questions for our panelists, so you can participate even if you can’t make it!  Leave your questions in the comments section on this page!

  • Check out the Facebook page for the panel or the page for the panel at MySched!

  • Follow our Twitter page!  We’ll be live-tweeting the panel!

Hope to see you there!
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