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Marvel Introduces the New Ultimate Spider-Man

For those of you who don't read comics, Marvel made a bit of a splash a few months ago when they announced that they would be killing of Spider-Man in their Ultimate universe line in a story arch called (wait for it) "The Death of Spider-Man."

Well they've just announced the replacement web slinger and true to the fairly decent track record they have in the Ulitmates lines, it's not just a clone of Peter Parker. Spider scribe Brian Michael Bendis said that he was inspired by the "Donald Glover for Spider-Man" Twitter campaign for the "Amazing Spider-Man" movie reboot and has created the new character Miles Morales who's half black and half Hispanic.

This would technically be the the second Spider-Man who's of mixed race since the lead character of 'Spider-Man 2099' was the half white, half Hispanic Miguel O'Hera, but this would be the first one who would be undoubtedly non-white since many artists had a habit of drawing O'Hera like a white man.

Check out the io9 write up here

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