April 7th, 2009

  • dkwrkm

More News! Kal Penn and the end of casting

In case you're wondering, no Kal Penn has NOT joined the cast of The Last Airbender.

He has been appointed the associate director of White House Public Liaision, particularly dealing with "Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities, along with arts and entertainment groups."

Sauce. (And a WARNING that it has House spoilers.)

AND the latest from Frank Marshall's twitter:

peprally @ LeDoctor I appreciate the goal of an ethnically diverse cast, but does casting all 3 heroes as white send a different message? #airbender (4/7/09)

LeDoctor @ peprally There are more than 3 heroes. The casting on this movie is finished, so let’s all take a deep breath and wait to see it. (4/7/09)

peprally @ LeDoctor Ah, when I said heroes, I meant the three main protagonists of the movie. I apologize for not being clear earlier. #airbender (4/7/09)