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Dev Patel in W Magazine

W Magazine interviewed Dev Patel this month - Dev Patel - Slum Lord (okay, so awful headline, but, anyway...)

In the interview, Patel talks about the types of roles he has been offered post his Slumdog Millionaire fame. It's sad that despite Patel's success in Slumdog Millionaire, he still faces discrimination in Hollywood and a lack of opportunities due to his ethnicity.

At various points Patel refers to himself as British or Asian, although in most ways he seems more a product of London than the subcontinent...Nonetheless, he’s aware that in the eyes of casting agents, he is Indian first and foremost, which, he says, means reading for parts as the terrorist, the taxi driver, the smart geek or any “guy named Raj.”

“In the industry it’s hard to get past the way I look,” Patel says, without any rancor. “I’m not saying those roles are bad, but I wish that I could have access to a wider range.” Trying to expand those career parameters is, he says, his primary ambition in the years ahead. His greatest concern is that Slumdog may prove to be not just his debut but also his “swan song.”
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