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we saw wut u did thar, paramount
Finally- "Yellow Face" Avatar Documentary Released! 
16th-Jul-2010 12:12 am
I hope I wasn't the only one waiting for this to come out!

So many sad comments. Luckily, there are some people whose comments lifted me up (but are they enough?). Geez... the guy asking the interviewers what they're doing in America... ugh. And not to sound racist, but the black people who were okay with Jackson possibly donning yellowface? LOL @ at the guy who tried to defend the casting ("To their credit..."???), but then he became speechless when he saw the "Caucasian or any other ethnicity" casting sheets. Ugh, Mickey Rooney. I've never seen the actual clip until now. I've only heard about it. I feel as if I'm about to vomit. All of the other yellowface movie clips are just as bad. LOL @ the casting assistant trying to explain the situation. "Well, you see, what happened was..."
26th-Aug-2010 03:42 am (UTC)
I still can't believe it--it just sounds like he thinks that whites are the owners and everyone else is just a guest, so they should just go with whatever the white people set. That's disgusting.

I would have LOVED it if they had said they preferred asians, since the characters are ASIAN, but I think they should have taken whoever had the most talent and whoever fit the role the best. After seeing the movie (unfortunately) and the atrocious acting, I don't see any excuse. I feel like they didn't really put any effort into casting. Not even to find good white actors.
That being said, I'm still shocked at how many people managed to easily be okay with the prospect of yellowface.
26th-Aug-2010 04:21 am (UTC)
With the white actors thing for Airbender, that's something I don't get. They're willing to gamble with white unknowns, but not Asian ones? This is Noah's first film, Nicola's cried in a Miley Cyrus video and was in some Christmas special, and Jackson's actually got some experience, but not many to get people to notice him, apparently. And they wanted Jesse McCartney for Zuko for cripes sake! They obviously don't care to find good actors, so why not get appropriate ones for the Asian characters?
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