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Polling "People Against Racebending" for Demographics

I have been contacted by a group curious to learn about the demographics of our movement. It might be important to prove to the world that this issue concerns everyone, not simply Asian Americans or young people or Avatar fans, etc. As much as statistics 'pigeonhole' us, it can also help show how diverse we are.

These are the things I am surveying for:

I would like a number so I can generate a mean and median age.

I just added this, sorry! Don't worry if you didn't put it in before, I don't expect my stats to be completely accurate for this category but someone just requested it.

I was most reluctant to poll for this but it's also important to prove that "it's not just the X people who are offended about Y, it's everyone." Under Ethnicity, write whatever you want to call yourself. If you don't feel like you identify with any particular ethnicity, that's fine, too.

State, country, whatever you feel comfortable divulging. I was thinking about mapping out where people are geographically.

Are you an Avatar fan? A parent? Against yellowface or whitewashing in general? Three sentences on your opinion of these casting practices. The best quotes will go into a revised press release for the racebending.com site!

This poll will be conducted on the racebending community, AAW's home page (hopefully), the facebook group message board, and private facebook message, so please respond only ONCE.

Here are the answers to my survey

AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
ETHNICITY: Taiwanese American
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA
REASON: I was a fan of the original series and I think these casting decisions are against a lot of what Avatar stood for. I admire Mako's work and advocacy for Asian American actors and I don't think this should be happening to Avatar, part of his legacy. I'm Asian American and remember being told when I was growing up that Asian girls don't get to grow up and become actresses.

EDIT: The Survey is now complete and available at Racebending.com
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