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Asian American Comic Con -- Short Version


I'm dead right now. I cannot get to my machine so I am typing this out on the Wii.

I just thought that with all the anticipation of the Asian American Comic Con today I would give a quick text update on the very basic core things that matter. So here is what you need to know imediatly:

1) We and everyone who showed up to work at the table kicked major, major ass at the con.

2) A ton of people have heard about us and we converted a few clueless people to our side very quickly.

3) T-Shirt at Silent Auction sold well for the time it was up. Also, Derek Kirk Kim LOVES his reward shirt to pieces.

4) We got a lot of media attention in the area, including a spin off of MTV for Asian Americans who loved our story and wants to report on it. I also was video interviewed twice and I have eight media contacts now that I have to get to the morning.

5) I wish I got more but I still got good pictures and video that will be up on YouTube and Facebook tomarrow.

6) Did I mention we totally kicked ass at the con and we were the heroes of the day?

Ok, for more detailed info with pictures, video and spell check, stay tuned for tomarow.

I still have no idea how we are going to do AAIFF but I'll work something out. I just hope it will be as amazing as it was today.

P.S. One last quick thing, one of our Street Team from Facebook who showed came out to Florida to see us. Not only did they inform us there is a huge fanbase in Florida we need to get in touch with, but the daughter of the duo actually auditioned for the role of Katara so I got on video first hand of what the casting for the main principal actors was like. That will be up on YouTube tomarrow too, though I'm thinking about waiting a day or two so I can edit the footage more clean.
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